Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Easiest Heroes to Farm


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

There’s a ton of characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and it can be intimidating knowing where to start. Luckily, once you play for a couple days, you should have access to the Cantina Battles, Galactic War and Arena Shipments, and then the game really opens up.

If you are having trouble finding out who to farm, we’ve compiled a helpful list of five heroes (or villains) that are worth going for and are really easy to get, provided you put the time in. To start, we thought it’d be useful to let you know how the shard number to unlock a character correlates to the star value on the hero.

10 Shards1-Star Hero
25 Shards2-Star Hero
50 Shards3-Star Hero
80 Shards4-Star Hero

Some characters require 80 shards to unlock, Boba Fett comes to mind, but they will start off much stronger than the heroes who take less shards, so the tradeoff is worth it.

Here’s our list of five heroes and villains you should target early on that are very easy to obtain.

1. Lando

‌Lando is arguably one of the best heroes in the game you’re able to farm him very early on. He makes for an excellent lead for any Rebel team. You can find him in the Cantina Battles located on Battle 1-E. He also appears again later on but this will be the cheapest way to get him. It also helps if there’s a double shard drop event, like in the picture.

When he truly shines is his Double Down ability. It’s an attack that hits all enemies and if it scores more than one critical hit, the cooldown is reset and it deals even more damage the next time around.

If you couple that with Lando’s leader ability, Fast and Loose, which gives Scoundrel and Rebel allies and speed and critical hit damage boost, you’ve got yourself a formidable character on your hands.

2. Geonosian Soldier

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The Geonosian Soldier is even easier to farm than Lando, since he sits on Battle 1-A of the Cantina Battles.

The Geonosian Soldier is a pretty strong character early on as he has the ability to call in deadly assists with relative frequency, and he’s a very easy Dark Side character to grab.

While he has strong individual strength, it’s hard to put him on a proper team unless you’re building a Geonosian team. He can work well with any team but it’s hard to pull off synergy with most of the heroes and villains in the game with him.

3. Luminara Unduli

Star Wars: Galaxy of HeroesLuminara makes for an excellent addition to any Jedi team. She takes what you love about the Jedi Counselor and takes it up a level. Her heal ability will be hard to match by any Jedi or even any other character. She even boasts a heal over time effect with her heals.

You can find her shards in the Galactic War Store, where they cost a permanent 400 currency every time. If you do the Galactic War daily, or at least get as far as you can in it, she should be relatively easy to grab.

Having a great healer on your team can make finishing your Light Side battles a breeze so it’s recommended to get her pretty early on. Jedi Counselor will work in the beginning but it’s worthwhile to upgrade.

4. Biggs Darklighter

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Like Geonosian Soldier, Biggs has the ability to call in devastating assists. Unlike Geonosian Soldier, Biggs will fit into an effective team with ease. Biggs will be found in the Galactic War Store or Cantina Battle 3-G.

Biggs can fit well with a team with either Lando or Wedge Antilles as the lead. He can be effective on his own but he really shines when he is paired with Wedge. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Wiggs” thrown around, it is mentioned the power of Wedge and Biggs.

When Biggs calls in an assist with his skill, if Wedge is present he will attack, along with a third ally, causing some very severe damage to opposing players. Often times this can result in a 1-hit KO.

5. Qui-Gon Jinn

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Qui-Gon is one of the strongest Jedi leaders in the game. He is able to call in assists and provide a speed boost to his Jedi allies.

If you’re farming characters in the Cantina Battles, you can gather up some Qui-Gon shards rather quick, as he is available in the Cantina Battle Store.

Powering up Qui-Gon’s leader ability will make his speed increase along with other Jedi, meaning more attacks for a full-Jedi team. It’s pretty easy to gather five Jedi so you can get a pretty effective squad early on. Just watch out for teams led by Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious or Cad Bane as all three feast on Jedi.