Star Trek: 20 Issues Mistaken With Spock We All Select To Ignore


From the second Star Trek aired, Mr. Spock has develop into considered one of tv’s most enduring icons. His trademark impassive depth has led the character by means of not solely the unique sequence, but in addition an animated spin-off, a film franchise, a supporting tv function, and a reboot. He may even seem within the franchise’s latest present in 2019.

For a personality so universally beloved, typically it may be exhausting to recollect a number of the darker or wackier character moments all through his historical past. Everybody loves to recollect the superbly iconic moments of the character, however usually look by means of rose-colored glasses at a number of the questionable selections the character has made all through the years. These moments do not take away from the character however slightly present the journey it took to make the character a popular culture legend whereas additionally displaying the complexities that made him attention-grabbing within the first place.

So when you might imagine you have got a fairly good deal with on Earth’s favourite Vulcan, there could be loads of issues that you’ve forgotten about, or perhaps even flat-out ignored. It is extremely attainable, contemplating the truth that many individuals are likely to overlook any damaging trait about who could also be their favourite character.

Listed here are 20 Issues Mistaken With Spock We All Select To Ignore.

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20 He As soon as Took Over The Enterprise

Think about being a standard crew member of the Enterprise, having a standard day, when abruptly the ship’s first officer randomly decides to commandeer the vessel, fly it to a random location with no rationalization, after which promptly give himself up. That is precisely what occurs within the Star Trek two-parter “Menagerie.” Spock receives a mysterious message that he claims is from the previous Enterprise captain.

It seems that Spock solely had his former commander’s finest pursuits at coronary heart. He is cleared of all crimes, Pike will get to sort of reside a life once more, and he and Kirk make up. Spock claims that he saved Kirk at midnight as a way to maintain him from being an adjunct to his crimes. Nonetheless although, was there not a single extra logical possibility than full-blown mutiny?

19 He Almost ended Kirk

This situation performs out a lot the identical manner as the primary one did. It is a regular day on the Enterprise aside from the truth that Spock has stopped consuming and is performing erratically. Kirk confronts him and Spock solely solutions by saying he wants a go away of absence to go dwelling. That is all effectively and good till they get orders to go elsewhere. Sadly, Spock would not care about orders and sends the Enterprise to Vulcan as a substitute.

It seems that the trigger for that is simply that Spock goes by means of a large temper swing known as pon farr. The extra logical factor would’ve in all probability been to be upfront about that earlier than committing mutiny, however no matter, Kirk would not maintain grudges. The crew makes it to Vulcan they usually develop into concerned in a surprisingly sophisticated mating ceremony that finally entails a well-known duel to the between Kirk and Spock, and Spock virtually eliminates him fully.

18 nobody cared when he got here again

Spock’s loss of life in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan could also be one of the crucial iconic moments of the whole franchise, however his resurrection within the sequel usually will get missed. The extraordinarily superior medical science of the Federation might have cured many illnesses however they nonetheless have but to completely conquer loss of life. Aside from that one time, the primary Vulcan officer in Starfleet’s historical past was resurrected on the Genesis planet. Spock is slowly reborn, will get rescued by his pals and regains his consciousness.

Regardless of this, the incident is rarely talked about once more. Had Starfleet extra securely researched the consequences of the Genesis Wave, endings like Tasha Yar and Jadzia Dax may’ve been cured as simply because the frequent chilly. As a substitute, Starfleet simply put extra power into its huge “Uniform Design” division.

17 He Forcibly Thoughts Melded

On the primary viewing of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Nation, the scene the place Spock pulls Kim Cattrall’s Lt. Valeris right into a thoughts meld in opposition to her will, it looks like an applicable motion to resolve the conspiracy that was threatening peace within the galaxy. It was only a innocent psychic interrogation, proper? After watching the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “Fusion”, the scene appears so much darker. On this episode, T’Pol is equally held in a thoughts meld regardless of trying to withstand. This time although, we get to see the ramifications of such an act on a Vulcan. T’Pol contracts Pa’Nar Syndrome due to the incident. Not solely is the illness probably deadly, however it’s also thought-about a mark of disgrace within the Vulcan group.

This makes the scene with Spock and Valeris notably disturbing. Regardless of it being the turning level in resolving the Klingon peace negotiations, one can not help however think about the long-term results that it had on Valeris afterward. It does make one grateful that the incident did not occur with Lt. Saavik from the earlier films.

16 He Tried To Overthrow A Overseas Authorities

Within the Star Trek: The Subsequent Era two-parter “Unification”, Captain Picard and Information go on an undercover mission to search out Spock on Romulus. On the time, he was assigned to Romulus as an Ambassador. He’s lacking and most suspect the Romulans have kidnapped or harmed him indirectly. The reality, nevertheless, is way completely different.

When Picard and Information are taken off of the streets of Romulus, they lastly encounter Spock who was by no means captured by the Romulan authorities, however as a substitute is aiding a Romulan riot. His makes an attempt to convey Romulus and Vulcan again collectively might have been noble, however they’re undoubtedly questionable. He acts with out the Federation’s consent to attempt to overthrow a international energy that they’re in a chilly warfare with, and it finally ends up backfiring.

15 He Promised To Save Romulus (And He Failed)

Years after “Unification”, Spock turned concerned with one other huge risk in opposition to the Romulan authorities. This time, nevertheless, it was a close-by star threatening to destroy the planet, not a riot. To his credit score, the ambassador did suppose he may save the planet. He even went as far as to vow a sure Captain Nero that he would save his folks. This promise was proved to be conceitedness when the star went supernova early, obliterating the planet.

This not solely drove Nero mad, but in addition broke a gap in space-time because of Spock’s use of Purple Matter. Nero and Spock each traveled into an alternate previous the place Nero possessed Purple Matter together with superior expertise from the longer term. He makes use of that expertise to kill Kirk’s father (and almost Kirk himself) and to completely alter the timeline’s historical past. He then made Spock watch as he used his personal expertise to destroy Vulcan this time.

14 He Interfered With A New Timeline

Spock then took it upon himself to change the Kelvin timeline additional. Time journey and alternate universe ethics are all the time questionable within the franchise. The Prime Directive prohibits them from interfering in such issues however they ceaselessly do. He goes on to avoid wasting Captain Kirk from a monster after which provides Kirk and Scotty plenty of superior data from the longer term. He primarily robs Scotty of his most well-known accomplishment simply to get them on the Enterprise. After Kirk and the crew save the universe from Nero, Spock makes one other huge no-no in introducing himself to his Kelvin counterpart.

He even goes as far as to inform Spock particulars about how the unique crew stopped Khan when the villain reveals up within the Kelvin timeline. (He doesn’t clarify, nevertheless, why Khan is abruptly a white British character actor.) Prime Spock might play quick and unfastened with Federation ethics, however he is not the one one…

13 He Almost took down Kirk (Once more)

After Kelvin Spock watched his planet get destroyed, he bought understandably emotional. When Kirk rightfully questioned Spock’s command selections, Spock determined to not put him within the brig for mutiny, however to slightly maroon him on a hostile alien planet with little probability for survival. Kirk was virtually instantly eaten by a large ice monster till he’s paradoxically saved by one other model of the identical one who put him in peril within the first place.

If that is not unhealthy sufficient, Prime Spock convinces Kirk that the one strategy to save the day is to impress the a lot stronger and emotionally compromised Kelvin Spock right into a bodily confrontation. He does so and it doesn’t go effectively. Not solely does Spock lose his cool, however he beats Kirk to a pulp with virtually no effort.

12 He By no means Talked about His Sister

Spock’s household has all the time been depicted as tense because the first look of his father, Sarek. The latest sequence, Star Trek: Discovery continues that pattern by introducing a mysterious new member of the quirky Vulcan/Human family, his half-sister Michael Burnham. It is superb that in all of his display time, Spock by no means as soon as thought to say he was related to such an notorious Starfleet officer.

Perhaps the sequence will finish with Michael’s unlucky demise or her erasure from the timeline. His look in 2019 will virtually absolutely make clear why that is. Sensible cash says that the reason will possible match proper together with this record. Whereas it might be odd for most individuals to by no means point out well-known siblings, it appears to be a pattern with Spock. Although it is so much tougher to chastise him for not wanting to speak concerning the oddball of the household.

11 He By no means Talked about His Brother

Star Trek V: The Ultimate Frontier is arguably regarded as the worst of the unique movie sequence. Whereas there are numerous components that make the movie a far cry from its Wrath of Khan glory days, the primary purpose the film is so broadly panned is the inclusion of Spock’s long-lost brother, Sybok. Sybok is kind of completely different from his well-known father and brother.

As a substitute of discovering peace in logic and serenity, he as a substitute chooses to embrace his feelings and commits himself to a mission of finding the one and solely God.  Whereas Sybok redeemed himself in the long run by sacrificing his personal life, it is a lot much less exhausting to think about why Spock by no means spoke about his elder half-brother.

10 He Refused To Forgive His Father

It is clear by now that the Sarek clan would not precisely meet recurrently for the Vulcan equal of Thanksgiving yearly. Whereas his relationships together with his siblings are undoubtedly unusual, the one he had together with his father was by far the worst. The 2 are proven being chilly to 1 one other virtually on a regular basis. Sarek is a well-known Vulcan ambassador who appears ashamed that his half-human son selected to hitch the Federation as a substitute of the Vulcan Science Academy.

In The Subsequent Era, an virtually gone Sarek is proven to really feel nice regret for the gap between him and his son, however Spock would not care. Fortunately, he manages to discover a little bit of that when Picard affords to share what stays of Sarek in his personal thoughts with Spock. Once they thoughts meld, Spock is proven to be visibly emotional as he’s confronted by his father’s true emotions.

9 He Tried To Have Kirk Expelled

The Kobayashi Maru take a look at is probably the most well-known factor about Starfleet Academy. It is an unwinnable take a look at that is meant to show humility and style. So, naturally, Kirk cheats it. What began as a throwaway bit initially of Wrath Of Khan turns into a giant plot level within the 2009 reboot. On this model, it’s revealed that Spock is the one who designed the take a look at. Naturally, Spock just isn’t too comfortable about this punk child dishonest all his exhausting work. In typical Star Trek trend, the one strategy to take care of this minor tutorial challenge is to have an enormous tribunal with an Admiral because the choose.

Spock assaults Kirk within the listening to, even throwing his emotional connection to his useless father in his face. This emotional assault proves to be bitterly ironic when Kirk makes use of the identical tactic to steal the bridge from him. This entire incident is totally forgiven by the tip of the film.

8 He Had His Mind Stolen (And Was Nice)

“Spock’s Mind” is a fairly odd episode. A lady beams aboard the Enterprise, stuns the crew, steals Spock’s mind, makes use of it as mainly a low tech OS, after which Kirk and Bones save the day. Roll credit. For anybody else, having your mind forcibly eliminated could be a traumatic expertise, however Spock appears fairly okay about it.

The person lived by means of a Rob Zombie film and is simply again to taking part in 3D chess the subsequent day. Additionally, why would a tradition that has expertise so superior that they will incapacitate the whole Enterprise crew, however they should harvest a mind as a result of they cannot provide you with a easy computing system?

7 he doesn’t like People

Kirk and Spock often is the extra well-known buddies, however Spock and McCoy are virtually as well-known frienemies.  They have enjoyable banter that brazenly displays the contrasting views of an impassive alien and a passionate human. Nevertheless, virtually each interplay between them has at the very least one reference to Spock’s inexperienced Vulcan blood or the truth that McCoy’s foolish humanity makes him rather more prone to his feelings.

This did not appear bizarre on the time, and the present does age significantly better than most of its 60’s contemporaries. One cannot actually think about an episode of Subsequent Era the place Crusher talks about how needlessly aggressive Worf is. Not except she needs a speech from Picard about concord.

6 He Joined Starfleet As An Insult To His Folks

For a individuals who declare to be absolutely motivated by logic alone, the Vulcans ceaselessly make selections based mostly on bias and bitterness. They exemplified this once they insulted Spock to his face, throughout his listening to to find out whether or not he would enter the Vulcan Science Academy. So Spock, having been overtly insulted by an academic physique, makes use of his logical upbringing to show the opposite cheek and proceed on together with his objective of becoming a member of the science academy.

No, he stares them down and mainly tells them the place they will shove their academy. It is a fairly superior second, but it surely performs fairly hypocritically when he rants on about logic within the face of utmost stress in Kirk’s tribunal.

5 He wrecked Michael Burnham’s Future

Michael had a really comparable childhood to Spock’s. They each have been shamed mercilessly for his or her human heritage. Each of them rose above that prejudice to develop into distinctive college students worthy of the Science Academy.

Sadly, the Academy is barely serious about one bizarre human/Vulcan child at a time. They offer Sarek the choice of which little one he’d select. Sarek selected Spock over Michael, crushing all of Michael’s goals and exhausting work. So Michael finally ends up being pressured into Starfleet to appease the Vulcans and her father. If Spock had solely made up his thoughts earlier, Michael would’ve been capable of go the place she needed. She would’ve averted her mutiny and her felony sentence.

4 He Betrayed Kirk For Pike

Spock’s mutiny did not simply present his willingness to interrupt Federation guidelines, it additionally introduced into query the place Spock’s true loyalty lies. Kirk and Spock are broadly regarded as the final word bffs of the franchise, however in fact, we do not see a lot of Spock and his authentic Captain. It virtually appears as if there’s a father/son model bond between the 2.

Is Pike simply the stand-in father for each Starfleet officer with parental baggage? That scene the place Pike judges Sulu for not having the ability to begin the Enterprise does appear acquainted. It appears we’ll have to attend for Discovery to reunite Spock and Pike in 2019 earlier than we will actually know which bromance is superior.

3 He Had A Secret relationship With Uhura

Whereas the sequels did little or no to increase on the plot line, the preliminary Spock/Uhura pairing in 2009’s reboot was very controversial. Within the authentic present, Spock was stoic to a fault. He repeatedly rejected the romantic developments of multiple love-struck woman through the sequence. That is why it was so stunning to see him and Uhura sneaking kisses within the turbo carry.

It is unusual that nobody appears notably bothered by it both. Particularly contemplating the truth that he assigned her to her place. We wager there have been a number of communications officers who have been none too comfortable about how that went down. Nonetheless, it could’ve been an attention-grabbing idea for the writers to discover additional.

2 He By no means Rescued Kirk From The Nexus

When Spock seemingly handed, Kirk defied each order and sense of logical reasoning he needed to save his previous pal. He sacrificed his ship, his profession, and really almost his life to get his first officer again. He confirmed Spock that his life was value extra to his makeshift household than simply the quantity of individuals he may save. When Kirk seemingly handed, Spock…effectively, did not do something. Kirk was presumed useless however he was truly secure and sound, using horses within the Nexus. Had Spock been the one to rescue Kirk, maybe the 2 may’ve resumed their finest pal house adventures in a brand new century.

As a substitute, Picard provides Kirk a lecture about obligation and drags him off to an alien planet like some sort of anonymous redshirt. The loss of life has lengthy been held as one of many low factors for the whole franchise and Spock may’ve saved us from it!

1 He took down Khan

Khan Noonien Singh is about as formidable as Trek villains get. He has enhanced energy, is a tactical genius, and is pure evil. So it is sort of loopy to suppose that Spock beat the quintessential Trek supervillain right into a pulp. Within the authentic present, Spock was all the time the stoic one and Kirk was the person of motion. After watching Star Trek Into Darkness, you get the sensation that these roles ought to’ve been reversed.

Watch that struggle once more after which watch the Gorn struggle and resolve which considered one of them ought to be the ship’s designated combatant. On high of that, in Star Trek: Discovery we see Michael Burnham wrecking folks left and proper along with her Vulcan kung fu. It is secure to imagine that Spock had the identical coaching. In his struggle with Khan, nevertheless, he would not use these martial arts. He is just about simply utilizing straight rage to take down his opponent.

Are there every other stuff you suppose followers select to disregard about Spock in Star Trek? Tell us within the feedback!