Santa Rosa Fire Missing: Loved Ones Share Photos of Family & Friends



A toy car is left scorched in a neighborhood destroyed by fire near Cardinal Newman High School on October 10, 2017 in Santa Rosa, California.

Relatives and friends have turned to social media as they seek information about their loved ones who are still missing from the devastating Santa Rosa and northern California fires. At least 17 people have died in the fires and more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed. Officials have said that 180 people are missing.

Here are just some of the people who are missing, and whose loved ones are desperately seeking any news of their whereabouts. Loved ones are sharing posts on Twitter and a Facebook group called “Tubbs Fire Missing Persons Report” has been created to help share information about the missing.

Mike Grabow is among the missing. The 40-year-old’s home was destroyed in the fire.

LeRoy and Donna Halbur of 142 Angela Drive in Santa Rosa are missing:

A mother in Santa Rosa is missing after her home burned down. Linda Tunis lived at Journey’s End Mobile Home Park. Her daughter, Jessica, told KRON4 that Linda called and told her that her house was on fire and she was trapped. Jessica called 911 and they said they were sending someone to help.

Karen Aycock is missing, her niece told the local CBS station.

Samantha Scott shared on Facebook that her grandparents, Brian and Chick Erikson, are missing. Chick is a stroke survivor who can’t use her left side. They both wear hearing aids. Their home is gone.

Sharon Robinson, 79, is missing. Her house burned to the ground in the fire. She’s 5’4″, 115 pounds, with salt and pepper hair. She was from the Reible Road area and may be in a shelter.

Lynne Powell – Rachel Todd Fansler shared on the Tubbs Fire Facebook page that 72-year-old Lynne Powell is missing. “She was traveling from 5415 Blue Ridge Trail in a blue Prius. She had a red and white border collie named Gemma traveling with her. She was separated from her husband and he can not find her. Their plan was to turn on Meadow Vista Trail and then onto Mark West Springs Rd. If anyone has any information please contact her husband George at 707 823-4522.”

Lynne Powell

FacebookLynne Powell

Jackie “Elke” Jeter – She and her husband, George, were reported missing by family. George was later found, but Jackie is still missing. Leandra Beaver wrote on Facebook: “Apparently they left their house in the Larkfield area at 2am on Monday due to the mandatory evacuations but it is not known where they were from that time until George was found on our property on Tuesday morning. If you have any information about the current whereabouts of Jackie (Elke) Jeter or information about where George and Jackie Jeter may have been on Monday or stayed Monday night please contact me asap.”

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FacebookElke Jeter

Nemo Hammer is missing, Katie Carlile posted on the Tubbs Fire Facebook page. He was on the west side of Santa Rosa.

FacebookNemo Hammer

If you know of any others who are missing, let us know in the comments below.

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