#RoomForManchester: Twitter Users Offer Shelter Following Manchester Explosion


Emergency services arrive close to the Manchester Arena on May 23 in Manchester, England. (Getty)

After an explosion went off at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night, Twitter users instantly began to offer up shelter to those affected by the tragedy.

Using the hashtag #RoomForManchester, hundreds of citizens on Manchester, England made it known that they had room available in their homes for anyone who needed someplace to go. Many of these users said that they lived only a few minutes away from the arena.

This hashtag was promoted by some celebrities who do not live in Manchester but still wanted to help spread word that others were offering shelter.

Will Perry, a BBC News presenter, offered up room in his home.

In addition, a Holiday Inn near the arena began taking in children who did not have parents with them; the number for that Holiday Inn quickly spread on Twitter, with users hoping to get the word out to anyone who was looking for their loved ones.

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