‘Rick and Morty’ S03E08: How Many Dimensions Have Rick and Morty Left?


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Just how many dimensions have Rick and Morty left so far? We got another clue tonight during Season 3 Episode 8 “Mind Blowers.”

Don’t read on unless you’ve already seen the most recent episode, S03E08, Morty’s Mind Blowers. 

During one of the memories that Morty was reliving in the latest episode, Rick gave him the ability to understand animals. Everything was pretty mundane until he discovered the squirrels and realized they were pretty much the Illuminati, secretly running the world.

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But when the squirrels realized that Morty caught on to their secret, they went after him and chased him all the way back to his house.

That’s when Rick temporarily stunned the squirrels and told Morty they were going to have to leave that dimension behind. We didn’t actually see them leave, but it’s heavily implied that yes, they had to abandon another dimension and another family.

So far, that makes two official dimensions that Rick and Morty have abandoned: the one with the squirrels and the Cronenberg dimension.

But for Rick, we know there’s more than that. In a previous episode this season, he referenced all the times he’s abandoned his daughter Beth in different realities, and it sounded like it’s happened a lot more times than just two. We don’t know, however, if Morty was there with him for any times other than the squirrels and Cronenberg.

There were a lot of memories left that Morty didn’t relive and that we didn’t see in Morty’s Mind Blowers. So there could still be more dimension hopping than we know about.

What do you think? Have Rick and Morty abandoned more than just two dimensions?

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