‘Rick and Morty’ Live Stream Event: Live Recap & Review


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Rick and Morty live stream event live recap.

Tonight is the mysterious Rick and Morty live stream event that fans have been talking non-stop about. Adult Swim advised in a press release to “not be late” to the event, so everyone is hoping something big is going to happen: perhaps a premiere of Season 3 Episode 2, or a trailer with scenes from Season 3, or at least a premiere date. We will be updating this post with a recap of the event live as it airs. So keep coming back for more details about what happens tonight.

To give you some background first: AdultSwim.com is livestreaming an event in LA featuring Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern. Nothing much has been said about what is going to happen, except a tweet from storyboarder Erica Hayes nothing that she will be “doing the drawings” during the event.

Now the mystery is finally going to be solved.

Right before the live stream event started, the Season 3 Episode 1 premiere aired on the livestream marathon.

Next, fans watched a Rick and Morty Live screenshot, while the theme music plays on repeat.

Next the live stream had an interview with Erica Hayes. She briefly talked about herself and her background, while Justin Roiland interviewed her via VR. Then he drove a car around and hit some cones. Finally, the event is starting.

It looks like this event will be a panel discussion. Erica Hayes will be doing live drawings while Roiland and Harmon talk.

First, Roiland and Harmon talked sarcastically about how they “suffer” while working together, referencing the rumors circulating that they were fighting.

Then they joked about the rumors that the episode was canceled.

When asked how many episodes would be in Season 3, they said there would be 10 episodes in Season 3.

Next they talked about why it takes so long to make the episodes for the show.

(During this live event, Harmon is typing a script for Rick and Morty live.)