A Brief History of Rory Gilmore’s Love Life on Gilmore Girls

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Samantha Simon

Nov 21, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

Over the course of Gilmore Girls, we fell for the loves of Rory Gilmore’s life just as hard as she did. We watched high school Rory swoon over nice guy Dean Forester before making a hard swerve and crushing on his polar opposite, bad boy Jess Mariano. Later, we watched college Rory take on her first real grown-up relationship with Yale’s suavest playboy, Logan Huntzberger. 

While the Dean, Jess, and Logan trio dominated Rory’s romantic arc during our time with the Gilmores, there were a few other potential paramours worth noting in Rory’s life, too (Tristan and Marty, we’re looking at you). Despite the fact that she never dated them, the guys’ feelings for Rory had key impacts on her other relationships. So before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Nov. 25 and we find out who Alexis Bledel’s character is (or isn’t) involved with these days, scroll down for our full but brief analysis of the youngest Gilmore’s romantic past.

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