READ: Joel Osteen Called a ‘Scam Artist’ on Twitter


Joel Osteen churchGetty

Joel Osteen has decided to open his church to serve as a shelter for people in Houston who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey, but the celebrity pastor is still being slammed on social media today.

This all started over the weekend when the storm hit the Houston area, dumping nearly two feet of rain and causing severe flooding. Osteen sent out some tweets about praying and making sure to trust God during the challenging times.

The Lakewood Church in Houston (where Osteen serves as the pastor) was closed on Sunday due to the storm. People began slamming Osteen for “closing the doors” to the public and not opening the venue up to help those in need. People were also upset that he didn’t donate any money (that they knew about). It’s no secret that Osteen is a very wealthy man and people expected him to offer to help flood victims any way that he could.

It didn’t take long for Osteen to pop back on social media and tweet a link to a relief fund that was set up through Lakewood Church. A short time after that, it was announced that the church would open its doors in the near future to help those in need.

However, Twitter users still aren’t happy with Osteen and they have been sending some pretty nasty tweets to him over the past 24 hours or so. Many people seem upset that Osteen didn’t just open the doors to his church — instead, he asked for donations, which made Twitter go crazy.

Check out some of the tweets below.

As of Tuesday morning, Osteen’s church was still not open to the public. Supplies were being stocked, however, and air mattresses have been set up as evidenced by photos. Osteen said that the church would open “once shelters reach capacity.” It is unclear when that will be.

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