Rand Paul Speech Today: Watch Senator Speak Against Hypocrisy, Government Spending


Senator Rand Paul delayed the budget vote today, pointing out that Republicans were just as hypocritical as Democrats when it came to government spending and the deficit. After speaking about the hypocrisy, he then launched into a list of wasteful examples of government spending. You can watch the speech live on C-SPAN here.

“Does taking selfies make you happy?” he said, reading about one program in particular.

“A Streetcar Named Waste.” He said, “It goes a mile, it goes from nowhere to nowhere.” It costs a fortune, he said, and no one rides it. “1.6 million dollars. You have to ask yourself…would you give money to this? If you have a $100…would you give to the Salvation Army or the federal government?”

The he spoke about the $29 million of heavy equipment that the Department of Defense lost in Afghanistan. He noted that if we want more money for infrastructure and where you could find it: “Some of it is in our foreign policy. We don’t have enough to be involved in seven wars… Or maybe we should not be involved in any of the ones we’re involved in at this point… We should declare victory and come home from Afghanistan, because right now we’re nation building.” Then he started listing all the places our country is right now, including many places people may not know about.

“I think we have to defend ourselves… but the thing is if we go and stay for decade after decade… They don’t see us as liberators. They kind of see us as occupiers.”

This is a developing story.