Pokemon Go: Will the Raid Battle Level Requirement Be Lowered Again?



Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

Those who want to participate in Pokemon Go Raid Battles must be level 20 or higher, but this was not always the requirement; initially, you had to be level 35 or above. So is Niantic planning to lower the level requirement even more? Or is level 20 the final number?

Niantic does indeed plan to lower the Raid Battle level requirement again, and so level 20 will not be the final number. The company recently revealed this on its Twitter account when a player asked why they can’t participate in raids; Niantic said that they’re “gradually making raids available to all players” and that this person will “have the ability to join raids soon.”

So when will they lower the level requirement again? Nobody really knows, although Niantic did say when they first announced the Raid Battle system that it would be in beta for a few weeks, only being made available to some players. That’s what’s happening right now, and the feature is technically still in beta as high-leveled players get to test it out. It’s only been one week since the feature was released, so based on Niantic’s initial statement that unveiling the feature would take “a few weeks,” we should probably expect them to keep lowering the level requirement until mid-July or so.

It was on June 22nd that Niantic initially made the Raid Battle feature available, only to level 35 and above players at first. The next day, on June 23rd, they lowered the level requirement to 31, and later that same day, they lowered it to 28 and then to 25. It remained there until June 26th, when the level requirement was lowered to 20, and it has not been altered since then. It will likely be lowered again soon, possibly in time for a July 6th one-year anniversary event.

Stay tuned for additional updates about the Raid Battle level requirement in Pokemon Go.