Pokemon Go Tips: How to Get the Most Coins Possible From Gyms


Ever since the latest Pokemon Go update was released, players have found themselves needing to adjust their play style dramatically, especially when it comes to defending gyms. Keeping in mind the new way coins are given out, what’s the best strategy for getting the most coins possible?

Weirdly, you don’t really want to position your absolute most powerful Pokemon at gyms. After all, you now only get coins when the Pokemon is kicked out of the gym, and depending on how busy your area is, it could take quite a while for this to happen and for any coins to be given out at all.

There also isn’t much of a benefit to having a Pokemon in a gym for a long time. After all, you’re only allowed to collect 50 coins per day maximum, so if a Pokemon returns home after being in a gym for weeks, you don’t collect hundreds of coins, as would have been amassed in that time. Instead, you just get 50.

The way the game currently works, it seems that you earn one coin for roughly every 10 minutes that your Pokemon is in the gym. This means that the ideal length for your Pokemon to stay in a gym is roughly 8 hours and 20 minutes. If it’s in the gym for any less time than that, it won’t earn the full 50 coins. If it’s in the gym any more time than that, it will earn more coins than the game will actually end up giving you.

Therefore, the best strategy is to put in gyms Pokemon that are not quite the strongest in your inventory and not quite the weakest. You want Pokemon with sort of middling CP who are okay at defending, so they will be able to hold their own for about eight hours but won’t be Pokemon that players struggle to defeat for a long time. The strategy does depend a bit on how busy your area is, though; if there simply are not that many people playing the game around you, you may want to throw a pretty weak Pokemon in the gyms to ensure that it gets kicked out soon.

This may all change in a future Pokemon Go update. Players have suggested that Niantic implement a way to recall Pokemon from gyms, and if that feature gets added, this whole strategy will become outdated. But for now, as long as the only way to get Pokemon back is to have them be defeated, and the only way to get coins is to have your Pokemon get kicked out of gyms, your best strategy would be to place in gyms defenders that will probably get kicked out in less than a day.