Pokemon Go Login Issues Today, Here’s Why It’s Happening


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Pokemon Go players are having trouble logging in.

Niantic confirmed the issue at noon EST and said that they were currently investigating it.

According to Niantic’s support page for the game, if you received the “failed to log in” or unable to authenticate” error message then that means there is a temporary issue with the login servers.

We tried to open up the app ourselves and were greeted with the login error message.

We will update the article when more information comes up.

According to PokemonGoHub, some logged in players can still play but new players can’t. There are also reports of players getting kicked out of the game. They said that the login error may be due to Google’s Safety Net, their app safety network infrastructure. They reminded users that if you lost a Premium Raid Pass, you are eligible for a reimbursement.

Niantic recommends closing and reopening the Pokemon Go app. This is done on Android devices by going into your touch settings, selecting “apps,” selecting “Pokemon Go,” and then “Force Stop.” On iOS devices, you double click the Home button to see your most recently used apps, find the game app, and then swipe upwards to close it.