Pokemon Go: How to Fix the Gym ‘Under Attack’ Glitch



Niantic Labs has just rolled out a significant new gym system in Pokemon Go. The game update is so significant, in fact, that players are already encountering some glitches, one of which involves a message popping up that says a gym is under attack even when no one is around.

If you’re experiencing this glitch, it’s not just you. Pokemon Go players around the world are reporting instances of trying to enter a gym and station a Pokemon there, only to receive a message saying that the gym is “under attack.” But then the players will look around and notice nobody else in the area playing Pokemon Go, leading them to wonder what’s going on here and question if the game just has a really long cooling off period.

Those who are experiencing this glitch have generally been able to resolve it by force quitting the game and opening it up again. Doing so should cause the gym to become available again. If that doesn’t work, try going to another gym, loading that gym up, and then returning to the original gym; some have reported that this does the trick for them.

Niantic has no doubt been made aware of this widespread glitch and is likely hard at work looking for a solution.