Pokemon Go: How to Collect the Defender Bonus


A new gym update is coming to Pokemon Go. (Niantic)

The new Pokemon Go gym update has been released. The update is rolling out to players now, although nobody has had a chance to really get much of a look at it considering gyms are still under construction. But part of the gym update is that the defender bonus has been altered, and the way that you receive that bonus has been altered as well. So how do you get the defender bonus in the new system?

First of all, the defender bonus is now based on the length that your Pokemon stays in the gym, and so the longer that it remains defending a gym, the higher your eventual defense bonus will be; you won’t just receive a set bonus once a day.

But you also do not collect the bonus once every 24 hours anymore. Instead, you only collect it when your Pokemon is no longer defending that gym. Whenever the Pokemon returns to you from the gym, it will bring with it all of the coins that you have collected over that entire period. You still can only collect 100 coins per day maximum, though. You will receive a notification when the Pokemon returns home from the gym informing you how many coins you have collected.

In the new gym system, Pokemon return to their owners when their motivation has been drained. This motivation is a health bar that appears over a Pokemon’s head, and it is reduced as the Pokemon is defeated in gym battles. It is also just reduced gradually over time regardless of what happens in battles.

For that reason, you’ll have to take care of Pokemon by continuously feeding them berries. These berries will replenish the Pokemon’s motivation and help ensure that it can stay in the gym continuing to collect coins for much longer.