‘Pokemon Go’ Gym Update: Will You Still Be Able to Earn Coins?



Niantic made an exciting announcement this morning about a gym update rolling out soon that will completely change how gyms work. But absent in the announcement was any mention of coins and whether Pokemon defending gyms will still be able to collect them. If you’re wondering, don’t worry. The answer is yes, Pokemon will still be awarded coins while they’re defending gyms.

The worry came as a result of Niantic’s long announcement, which didn’t mention coins at all. It did, however, mention many other features, including photo discs at gyms to acquire items, a limit of 6 Pokemon per gym instead of 10, and gyms based on unique slots with motivated Pokemon rather than prestige and training. Gyms will also feature raid battles and a chance to earn badges and special items, including extra strong Pokemon.

Nowhere did the announcement mention coins, which caused some Pokemon trainers to worry.

An official Niantic Reddit account, u/NianticIndigo, put those fears to rest.

When asked, “I don’t see any mention of earning coins the same way for being in gyms. There’s no way they’d do away with that right?” they responded: 

Great question, /u/reasonableoption. A Pokémon will earn PokéCoins based on how long it defends a Gym. Once its motivation meter is empty and it’s defeated in battle, it will return to its Trainer and come back with PokéCoins.”

So it sounds like earning coins will be a little easier now, in fact. Once a Pokemon is defeated and it returns to its trainer, it will automatically return with PokeCoins, according to Niantic Support. Raid Battles will likely increase the rate of gym turnover, which may mean that you’ll actually earn coins faster, despite there being only six slots at a gym for Pokemon instead of 10.

What do you think of the new changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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