You’re Probably Gonna Want to Shop Julianne Hough’s Favorite Products

Sounds like Julianne Hough is pretty damn psyched that the contouring trend is slowing down a bit. The Dancing With the Stars judge took to her site to profess her love for beauty products that help her achieve a more effortless, “natural” look, and girlfriend got it right. 

While we’re sure Julianne enjoys a smoked out eye (actually, we know she does because it’s all over Instagram), it seems like she prefers a fresh-faced product lineup on the reg.

She broke down exactly how she gets her glowy luminosity on her website, and you can be sure we jotted down a tip or two. But the aspect we found most exciting? Uh, shopping. 

Loved this season’s makeup runway trends – a more natural look is much more my vibe for every day! I’ve put together a few tips and my favorite products for that “natural beauty” look. Check them out and let me know what you think! �� in bio. ��: @brookslaich

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Julianne really spilled her makeup bag here, you guys. First, you’re probably wanting to know what “no-makeup makeup” foundation she uses, right? She apparently swears by NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($44;, which is a product developed without any parabens or sulfates and also hydrates your skin. 

And to enhance the color of her lips? We’ve seen her werk a red lippie, but for this circumstance, she picks up Glossier’s Lip Stain ($18;

You’ll want to visit her site to get the full breakdown, and of course, figure out how much $$$ you’ll need to save before your next Sephora run. 

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