You Can Get a Louis Vuitton Case for Your Fragrance |

File Louis Vuitton’s latest launch under the best-dressed travel companion we’ve ever had. 

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their expansion into fragrance, the label has just released travel cases designed to fit the rounded bottles created by Marc Newson. That’s right—Louis Vuitton cases made specifically for your perfume. We can’t decide whether they’re insanely bougie or amazing in the most J. Lo en route to her private jet way possible.

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Each case is crafted with a leather exterior, shaped to hug your 3.4 or 6.8 oz bottle so that it doesn’t shift around too much during turbulence, and the exterior can be decked out either in LV’s classic monogram pattern, pale beige, textured black, white, or pastel pink for that millennial who has it all. 

Intrigued? Head over to to browse the offerings, priced between $400 and $500 now. 

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