Wait, Did Ruby Rose Just Get a New Back Tattoo?

Our timelines and social feeds were all pretty much VMAs coverage all last night and this morning, which we’re definitely not mad about considering how hard everyone upped their glam game, but there were some major “whoa” moments off the VMA red carpet as well. Namely Ruby Rose’s casual unveiling of a huge (possible?) new super colorful back tattoo on her Instagram.

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Just a day in the office

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

Ruby Rose is no stranger to ink work. She is, after all, pretty much known for intricate and detailed tattoos, so it very well could be a new addition to her collection. The majority of Ruby’s tattoos are black or darker hues, so if it is real, this colorful one is would be a huge change to what we’ve seen her sport before. She captioned the pic, “Just a day in the office.” 

Even after reading through all nine million comments, we’re still not quite sure if it’s real ink (or what the tattoo is actually of), but is anyone else wishing it is an eyeshadow palette? We imagine that a tattoo this big probably requires a very high pain threshold, not to mention boatloads of patience.

Some people claim it’s a periodic table, while others think it’s a swash of Pantone hues, or even just the results of a session of allergy testing. There’s also the possibility it’s for a new role in Meg, which she’s rumored to be cast in. 

We’ll be watching Ruby’s Instagram to see if she decodes what it is, and of course, the meaning behind it all. 

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