This Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Captain Jack Sparrow and Queen Elizabeth

Is it just us, or do makeup artists keep getting better and better? For example, the beauty world went into a collective squee! mode when a vlogger turned herself into a very realistic Dory, and vlogger Pompberry’s spooky-meets-candy glam transformation into the Hansel and Gretel witch was as haunting as it was impressive.

If you were impressed by the above—and who wouldn’t be?—then you’ll be just as impressed with makeup artist Lucia Pittalis’ super realistic transformations into celebrities and characters. Seriously, people, the final looks are uncanny.

Time for Pirates!!!! Make up tribute to Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp ;) #makeuptransformations #makeup #jacksparrow #johnnydepp #johnnydeppfanpage

A video posted by Lucia Pittalis (@lucia_pittalis) on

No, that is not the real Johnny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow. That is Lucia!

#queen #queenbirthday #queenelizabeth #makeup #makeuptransformation

A video posted by Lucia Pittalis (@lucia_pittalis) on

How is this even possible? That is Lucia as the Queen of England herself. Does anyone else have goosebumps watching this?


A photo posted by Lucia Pittalis (@lucia_pittalis) on

Um… talk about a perfect Halloween costume.

Mr Gene Wilder as Dr.Frankenstein! It could woooork! #drfrankenstein #youngfrankenstein #transformations #makeover #genewilder #makeuptransformations

A photo posted by Lucia Pittalis (@lucia_pittalis) on

Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein. PERFECTION.

Bravo, Lucia. We are not worthy of your skills, but please keep sharing!

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