These Lipsticks Are Just as Customized as Your Starbucks Order

Changing Lipstick Colors Lead
Time Inc Digital Studio; Courtesy

Victoria Moorhouse

Mar 27, 2017 @ 12:30 pm
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You can get your shirt embroidered with your initials or ask for skim milk with a double shot of espresso for your latte, but that’s just the beginning of customization. Beauty has always been personal, but now products are getting personalized, and nothing demonstrates the trend more than color-changing lipsticks.

Often of the jelly variety and brighty colored, these lipsticks don’t apply the color they are in the tube. When the formula touches your skin, it transforms into a pretty hue based on the chemistry of your lips. We’re calling them monograms for your makeup, and we highlighted a few of our favorite formulas, below.

VIDEO: The Hottest Lipstick Trends Through the Decades


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