The Winter Skincare Products You Should Use, According to 5 Dermatologists

Winter Skin Products - Lead 2016

Erin Lukas

Nov 26, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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We have a love-hate relationship with winter. While we don’t miss sweating it out in the mid-August humidity, we’re not fans of season’s dry air and its vacuum-like winds that suck all the moisture out of our complexions. However, dull, sad winter skin can be avoided by simply swapping out some of the key products in your skincare regime for formulas that will hold up against the seasonal elements and treat the effects they have on our complexions. Don’t know where to start? Us either. In the name of keeping our skin soft and smooth all season long, we turned to five dermatologists to find out what skincare products you should use this winter.

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