The Makeup Look That Makes Mariah Carey Feel the Most Festive

You may think you get into the holiday spirit, but you don’t hold a candle to Mariah Carey. Between her iconic Christmas single (you know the one…) and her constant proclamatons of love for the holiday season, it’s pretty clear that no one gets quite as festive as she does. Naturally, at the launch of her All I Want lipstick for MAC in New York City, we just had to ask which holiday beauty look made her feel the most festive. No surprise here, Carey was not about the traditional red lip. “It’s not my thing,” she tells InStyle. “I love doing a smoky eye for the holidays, but not too smoky, and pairing that with a nice, vibrant cheek is always good.”

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Carey typically doesn’t veer too far from her neutral palette when creating the look, and admits that she uses a few different methods to achieve that sexy smoldering effect. “I have to get as creative as I can with the simple looks, because I don’t do tons of different colors,” she adds. “A lot of that, I learned on my own.” Faux lashes always make for a nice finishing touch, but if you’re following the Mariah handbook, stick to individual flares over full strips. Aside from looking more natural, they’re a lot more comfortable on the eye, in Carey’s opinion. “I always hated a strip lash,” she says. “Even when I’m not applying them on myself, I always hated wearing them!” 

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