The Best Natural Self-Tanners for Glowing Summer Skin

Natural Self Tanner - LEAD
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Erin Lukas

Jun 01, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

Streaks and uneven application can make self-tanners seem intimidating, but a DIY glow at home is a whole lot safer than the real tan you would get from spending a day at the beach. The major key to a successful self-tan: exfoliate before slathering or spritzing on your tanner. Even better, opt for a natural tanner that’s guaranteed to be free of any potential chemicals that may irritate you if your skin tends to be sensitive. Since you’re turning to a product to give you’re a faux tan to avoid damage from the sun, it makes sense to use one that’s free of harsh chemicals and additives that many tanners tend to include in their formulas. Below, we’ve rounded up our five favorite natural self-tanners to make your skin glow this summer, no sun (or swimsuit) required. 

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