The Best Concealers for Covering Up Every Type of Pimple

Best Concealers

Victoria Moorhouse

Apr 02, 2018 @ 10:30 am
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Here’s exactly what happens after I notice a zit on my face. First, I have a full-on freak out, and ask anyone nearby if it’s that noticeable. I’ve even been known to send selfies. Next, I attempt to calm down (but that doesn’t really happen), and try to remember that stress causes acne in the first place. Finally, I furiously dig through my bag for concealer to make it temporarily disappear.

Applying concealer is ultimately your savior for masking an inflamed and irritated pimple, but only if you’re using the right kind. Pick one that isn’t buildable or adds too much luminosity to your skin without enough coverage, and you’ll make it look even worse.

This is not one makeup test-drive I assume you would want to do yourself, so I did the legwork for you and found the very best (and reliable) products out there.

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