One of Your Favorite Fragrances Just Got a Rosy Update

I love a good rose fragrance. Other things I love? The Olsen Twins. Combine those two things and what do you get? A remix of the Olsen’s signature fragrance from Elizabeth and James Nirvana. It’s got rose, but it’s not a sweet rose— it’s a woody rose, the kind that makes you think of a romp and a roll around in some really high thread-count sheets. Read on to find out why you should douse yourself in it for your next date night. 

What It’s Called:

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose 

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A fancy spa pedicure… ($65;

What Makes It Special: 

The fragrance is a true rose fragrance. It’s not treacly or saccharine. It’s got heft, and you’ll feel like you’re slinking around in mink while wearing it. 

Who’s It For?

If you have a nose and love sexy fragrances. 

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When to Use It:

When you wanna feel real hot… if you get what I’m sayin’.

What It Feels Like:

Good girl gone bad. Think like, a smoky eye that’s a little smudged because you’ve been up to some risky business. 

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What the Internet Is Saying:

Nirvana Rose by @elizandjames �� #mynirvana

A photo posted by Lucky Orchid (@oneluckyorchid) on

What It Smells Like:

It smells like rose but not a sweet, cloying rose. It’s rose with heft. A hint of geranium and vetiver, but not overly green. Sultry AF, essentially. 

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