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Erin Lukas

Mar 13, 2016 @ 4:15 pm

Trendy lipsticks come and go, but one shade everyone should have in their makeup is their go-to lip color that’s perfect for every day, in any season. You could call such color your “my lips but better” shade (otherwise known as MLBB). Simply put, the hue matches your natural lip color, but is slightly enhanced to add depth and intensity to your pout to keep you from looking washed out when you’re wearing a no-makeup makeup look or a heavy eye. Although the color is easy to apply and a shade everyone should have on-deck when you just want to quickly swipe on a lipstick to look put-together, finding the exact shade that works for you is not quite as easy. We’ve compiled a few tips to guide you on your way to finding your perfect MLBB shade, plus we’ve picked a few of our shoppable favorites to get you started.

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Shop in Person

Web-only deals make buying makeup online tempting, but this is one product you want to try out in-person. Often, natural lip shades will appear like they’ll work for you in the tube, but look completely different once it’s on and against your skin tone.

Know Where to Match

To find your most flattering shade when you’re testing out bullets, look for a lipstick that matches your inner lip or your fingertip, and not the back of your hand, which, if you stop and really look at it, is nowhere near the same color as your lips.

Skip Glosses

Your lips aren’t naturally shimmery or shiny, so picking a gloss as your MLBB doesn’t really make sense, trust us.

Try It on Makeup Free

A guaranteed way to make sure a potential MLBB is a match is to test it when you have a clean, makeup-free face so you can see the natural tone of your complexion and whether the lip color is going to compliment you.