Bella Thorne Just Went Goth — And You Need to See the Pics

Bella Thorne is currently on set in L.A. filming a thriller called You Get Me, and let’s just say that it’s going to be an intense movie. Judging by the photo below, we can expect to see her in a much different (umm, darker?) light than we’re used to, both character and beauty-wise.

For one of the scenes, the actress got a complete makeover, pulling off what looks to be a voluminous wig and a very dark lip shade (naturally, she documented it all on Snapchat for all of us to see). Seriously, though, you have never seen her like this before:

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Untitled Image
Untitled Image

We’d like to put out a request to Bella’s makeup team to please, please, please share exactly what lipstick shade this is, though, because it looks amazing.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to watch the movie.

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