7 SPF-Infused Lipsticks to Wear All Summer Long

SPF Lipstick - Lead 2016

Erin Lukas

May 17, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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There’s nothing cute about chapped lips and flaking sunburned lips are even worse.  Summer is when the sun’s rays are their most potent, but just because the season is quickly approaching, doesn’t mean your lipstick game has to suffer. Instead of letting your favorite bullets collect dust until the first day of fall comes around and settling for a balm, swipe on a lipstick infused with SPF to protect your lips without sacrificing any color pay-off. These formulas are also packed with emollients and vitamin E to ensure lips stay soft and smooth by sealing in moisture. From a classic red to juicy coral, we selected six lipsticks formulated with SPF to add into your beauty routine for all of summer’s scorching days. 

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