Peter Gallogly: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Dr. Peter Gallogly of the Gainesville After Hours Clinic.

A video showing an irate Florida doctor ranting at and then kicking a sick woman out of a Gainesville clinic has gone viral.

The video of Doctor Peter Gallogly was recored Monday night at the Gainesville After Hours Clinic and then posted to Facebook by the patient, where it has received thousands of views.

“The (doctor) was mad I wanted my co pay back and was unhappy with having to wait so long and proceeded to cuss me out,” the sick patient, Jessica Stipe, wrote on Facebook. “My daughter recorded it because they were so rude. When he saw it was being recorded he snatched my baby’s phone and shoved her when she tried to get it back. … Never go there for medical care .”

Gallogly and the clinic have not commented about the video.

Here’s what you need to know about Gallogly and the video:

1. The Video Shows Gallogly Telling Her to ‘Get Your Money’ & ‘Get the Hell Out’ Before Grabbing Her Daughter’s Phone

You can watch the video, which has received nearly 200,000 views above.

The video shows Jessica Stipe talking to a doctor, since identified as Peter Gallogly, at the clinic, telling him that she had not been seen in a “timely manner.” The doctor reacts by saying, “are you kidding me? Do you know how many people … I’ve got seven rooms back there.” Stipe then tells the doctor she made an appointment at 6:30.

“It’s 7:45,” the doctor responds. “And we’ve already been working on. We’ve done a urine test on you. I’ve seen you.” Stipe then tells him that he came in and told her he was going to check her “pee,” and he responds, “does that take 3 seconds, you think?” while pointing to his watch.

“Do you want to be seen or not?” Gallogly asks. She tells him she wants her money back and he replies, “Then fine, get the hell out, get your money and get the hell out,” while pointing to the door.

Stipe then tells Gallogly that he was “rude” and he says “see you later. If you go to CareSpot, you’re waiting 3 hours. Go to the ER and wait for 9 hours.”

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He then moves toward Stipe as her daughter tells him to get out of her mother’s face.

“Get the f*ck out of my office. Now,” Gallogly tells Stipe, opening the door for her. The video ends with the doctor taking Stipe’s daughter’s phone out of her hand and walking away with it.

2. Police Have Launched a Criminal Investigation Into Gallogly’s Actions

jessica stipe

FacebookThe moment the doctor took Jessica Stipe’s daughter’s phone.

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Officer Ben Tobias, a spokesman for the Gainesville Police Department, told The Gainesville Sun that a criminal investigation into Gallogly’s actions has been launched.

According to Jessica Stipe’s Facebook post, police were called and responded to the clinic at 926 NW 13th Street. Stipe wrote on Facebook that the police told her ”

It is not clear what charges Gallogly could face. Police have not commented further about the incident.

3. Stipe Says She Posted the Video Because She Was ‘Appalled’ at How She & Her Daughter Were Treated

jessica stipe, jessica stipe peter gallogly

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Jessica Stipe.

On Facebook, Stipe wrote that she was “severely sick” and went to the clinic for a 6:30 p.m. appointment. By 7:45 p.m. she said she had not been seen and was “still in severe pain and throwing up in the trash can.” She said all the doctor did was have her “pee in a cup to see if I’m pregnant …. ummm I know I’m not …”

Stipe said she, “asked for my co pay back so I could leave and go back home to bed and try to be seen elsewhere tomorrow because I’m just that miserable that all I want is my bed.”

She posted an update Tuesday morning saying that she had received an outpouring of support from people who saw her video, but also hate from some who said she deserved that reaction for asking her money back. “Bottom line I’m sick as heck and my first priority is to get well so I can think clearly and handle all of this in the best way possible,” she wrote.

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“I’m sick, I’m tired and still appalled at how my child was treated as well as how we were spoken too,” she wrote in an update later Tuesday. She said she posted the video and spoke about what happened “so you and your kids don’t have to go through this.”

Stipe also responded to criticism she has received. “Yes I’m employed, I don’t do drugs and yes I wanted meds …. a antibiotic. For those of you offering genuine support again my heartfelt thanks, getting rest and walking away from it. As long as 1 patient was helped and doesn’t have to endure this … then I’m happy.”

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4. Gallogly Graduated From University of Florida College of Medicine & Has Been a Gainesville Physician Since 2004

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Dr. Peter Gallogly.

Dr. Peter Gallogly, 42, graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with degrees in psychology and biology, according to a now-deleted bio on the Gainesville After Hours Clinic website. He then attended medical school at the University of Florida College of Medicine, graduating in 2001.

Gallogly completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Florida Department of Community Health and Family Medicine at Alachua General Hospital.

“Board-certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, Dr. Gallogly has been practicing and residing in Gainesville, FL. since 2004, and is a proud member of the Gainesville community,” the website said.

5. He Has Received Positive Reviews From Patients, but Has Been Flooded With Angry Comments After the Video Went Viral

gainesville after hours clinic video

The Gainesville After Hours Clinic.

Gallogly has positive reviews on Google from his patients.

“Dr. Gallogly is an excellent doctor with the patience to listen and find out what is going on with you. He and his staff were excellent and got me in and out quickly,” Kelly Dunbar wrote last week.

Morton Wolfson wrote, “I have been seeing Dr. Gallogly for many years. I met him at the Gainesville After Hours Clinic. He is a great Doctor, he always resolves my issues and I would recommend him to any one.”

Another patient, Linda Heyman, wrote, “I appreciate the courtesy and professional work of the staff at the Gainesville After Hours Clinic. Thank you Dr. Gallogly.”

But the Google review page has received several negative comments since the video went viral.

“I just saw the video of you yelling at your patient and assaulting her daughter. This is unacceptable and I pray that you are censured for this,” Lando Morales wrote.

Another commenter said, “Watch the video of Peter Gallogly MD abusing a patent and her daughter today. I’m sharing this video to be sure no one else brings their business to you. It’s a sad world when the doctor can not keep his cool. His license needs to be pulled.”

Karen Berg wrote, “Horrible doctor…super slow and apparently get’s violent when called on it.”

Other comments simply stated, “Go somewhere else,” “Disgusting.”