Packers Fans to Boycotters: ‘We’ll Take Those Season Tickets’



The Packers boast some of the most loyal fans in the NFL.

The NFL and politics are colliding, and it’s not pretty. It’s even forcing some longtime NFL fans to step away from the game, citing a disrespect for the national anthem, military or both.

Before last week’s game against the Bengals, three Packers knelt while the majority of the team locked arms. During the week, the Packers dealt with feedback on both sides.

As the Green Bay Press-Gazette noted earlier this week, some Packers fans are not backing their team.

“I am so ashamed of and appalled by the ignorance of any NFL player who would dare disgrace our Stars and Stripes or the memory of hundreds of thousands of fallen U.S. heroes who paid with their lives so that we may live free,” said one Packers shareholder.

“It was and is a heartbreaker to see my beloved Packers involved in this protest. I doubt injustice is going to be affected by this action. It is style over substance,” added another lifelong Packers fan.

On the other side, some fans are greedily waiting for others to jump ship. As one fan noted earlier this year, the waiting list for Packers season tickets is incredible:

According to the Packers website, the waiting list stands at over 81,000 names. The average wait time for season tickets is 30 years. As of yet, no season tickets have been returned.

Some fans will wait there entire lives and never even get close to the top of the waiting list for tickets. So if this controversy can rile people enough to cancel, others are more than willing to provoke them:

If you don’t have tickets, you can always sell your Packers stock. Hundreds of thousands of fans bought a “share” of the Packers for $250 in 2011, even though the shares hold little value. 2011 was the fifth time in team history a stock sale was held, and the latest round generated an estimated $67 million in revenue.

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Selling your shares will be a nice political statement, but it won’t net you any cash. The shares are irrevocable, and can’t be exchanged for money.

The Packers host the Bears on Thursday Night Football.

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