‘Overwatch’: Reinhardt’s Hammer to Receive Adjustments in 1.12 Patch


Overwatch Uprising

Since the game’s release over a year ago, developer Blizzard’s hit multiplayer shooter Overwatch has received a plethora of nerfs and rebalances. Yet, one character that has gone overlooked for some time is the powerful, frontline tank, Reinhardt. This fearsome hero typically makes up the backbone of most competitive teams, yet despite his heavy use has always been reasonably balanced.

Sadly, Reinhardt suffered a rather noticeable bug that has been plaguing Overwatch since the special Anniversary Event went live some time back. User Kekstarter took to the forums some time back to complain about the rather noticeable delay issues with Reinhardt’s abilities. It was also noted that certain hammer hits were either delayed or not registering if an animation cancel was used via his barrier.

Since Reinhardt relies on being able to quickly dole out damage and then protect his team from harm, this drastically effects his usefulness in matches. He is very reliant on getting quick hits and disposing of foes in front of him, so having a delay to his hammer and abilities can make him an easy target for flankers like Reaper or Tracer. Thankfully, Blizzard has officially responded and acknowledged that this was an unintended bug. Bill Warnecke had this to say about Reinhardt’s hammer issues:

Hey folks, we’ve made some fixes for Reinhardt’s hammer in the upcoming 1.12 release. We’ll monitor for feedback after you get a chance to try it out and make additional changes then if necessary.
Thanks for your patience, sorry this one has taken us a while, it’s been a bit complicated.

Given the PTR (Public Test Realm) is currently using the 1.12 build there has been no word if these changes are live. However, it’s fully possible that these alterations are not going to be in the PTR and are just going live when the patch officially launches on PC and consoles. Since the Anniversary Event wraps up officially 12:00 a.m. PST / 3:00 a.m. EST tomorrow, it’s possible that these alterations will go live soon.