Overwatch League: Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel Recap


The next set of games in the Overwatch League is here and it may be one of the closest matches to date. Tonight it’s Dallas Fuel against the Los Angeles Valiant, both sporting some truly impressive players. Currently, Valiant is on a win streak as they went 4-0 against San Francisco Shock earlier in the week. Sporting a highly aggressive style, Valiant was able to easily overwhelm their opponent’s passive playstyle.

In contrast, Dallas Fuel lost their first game against Seoul Dynasty but put up an incredibly impressive fight. Their sheer creativity and adaptability will be an important factor during tonight’s match. The maps for this evening are Junkertown, Horizon Lunar Colony, Ilios, and Numbani in that order. If there is a stalemate, then the tiebreaker map will be Lijang Tower.

We will update this piece after each round so make sure to check back with us.

Game One – Junkertown


Round One

Valiant started on the attack with a very typical “pirate ship” line up featuring Bastion, Orisa, and Roadhog. In contrast, Dallas Fuel decided to run Effect on the Widowmaker who’s complimented by a Junkrat, Roadhog, and Orisa. The round started with Valient with a strong push, dropping four members of Fuel. Setting Bastion up on the Payload, Valiant was able to quickly dispatch the Dallas counterattack, despite Effect taking out Valiant’s Widowmaker.

Moving to the second point, Valiant actually moved the Bastion onto the high ground ahead of the payload. This was overtaken and forced L.A. to move back to the payload for their attack. However, Fuel’s Roadhog and Junkrat used both their ults and killed off the Valiant push. Fuel’s Taimou landed two big hooks on the Valiant Roadhog and Orisa. However, he wasn’t able to secure the kill on the latter and needed to be resurrected. A team fight ensued that Valiant won and allowed them to capture to the second point.

Moving to point three, Fuel was scattered and lost their Roadhog who was deep in Los Angeles’ spawn. Thanks to a RIP Tire from Seagull, Dallas was able to hold the point briefly before being overtaken again. Taimou was picked off once again by the Valiant’s Roadhog, Envy. Despite having an opening, L.A. was outgunned and needed to regroup. Agilities destroyed Seagulls RIP Tire, giving them some needed breathing room so they could capture the third point with some time left on the clock.

Round Two

Now on the attack, Dallas Fuel sported an Orisa, Bastion, Widowmaker, and Hanzo. Valiant ran their own Bastion to counter along with an Orisa, Roadhog, D.Va, and Widowmaker. Fuel opened with a quick kill thanks to Seagull’s Hanzo which let them take control of the payload and wipe out Valiant. The Bastion on L.A. was swapped to a Junkrat and the D.Va was dropped as well for a Zenyatta. Fuel’s Hanzo landed a solid ultimate that let them once again wipe Valiant with little issue.

Fuel’s Harryhook absolutely dominated Valiant as they left the spawn allowing Dallas to take the second point with, once again, a quick team fight. Moving to the third point, Taimou landed a big hook dragging in Valiant’s Mercy for the kill. Winning the team fight they moved the point close to the third where Effect and Seagull simply picked apart Valiant’s defense. This was more than enough for Dallas Fuel to capture the point with an impressive 3:42 seconds left on the clock.