Odell Beckham Jr. Posts About Port Arthur Flood Rescue


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Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t just donate money to the Texas rescue efforts from Hurricane Harvey. He got into a boat to rescue people himself in Port Arthur Texas, according to a photo he posted to his Instagram account.

Beckham is a New York Giants receiver. On top of it all, he’s been recovering from an injured ankle.

People on Twitter praised Beckham.


Wrote one man, “Can you imagine being in your flooded house and Odell Beckham Jr. rides up on a boat to save you?”

There’s even a photo of the boat and all on Beckham’s Instagram story.

Bleacher Report also reported that Beckham was helping out with Port Arthur rescues.

Sports editor Thomas Duffy wrote on Twitter, “Odell Beckham and his trainer are on a boat in Houston saving people.”

Trainer Alex Fine was also praised on social media for helping with the rescues. He says on Twitter that he is “Personal Trainer for hundreds of Pro Athletes and celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Peter Berg, Devon Windsor, Odell Beckham Jr, and Reggie Bush.”

The situation in Port Arthur, a community about 90 miles from Texas, is extremely dire.

Port Arthur, Texas was swamped with 30 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey on August 30, and people in the small community pleaded for help on social media, saying they were trapped in their flooded homes.

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The mayor of Port Arthur, Derrick Freeman, even streamed on Facebook Live from inside his home.

Photos and videos showed horrific scenes of severe flooding.

Even an evacuation shelter in Port Arthur flooded.

According to 12NewsNow, the mayor of Port Arthur described the “whole city” as being underwater. The television station reported that hundreds, and possibly thousands, of homes in Port Arthur were underwater as a result of the flooding.

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick told 12NewsNow: “There are people that are needing to be rescued and evacuated, brought to sheltering areas and given the nighttime hours, the darkness, it’s impossible to wage a boat rescue and we simply don’t have enough high-water vehicles that are available to us.”

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911 call lines were overloaded, and tragic messages were posted to social media from people begging for help.

At 1 a.m., a woman wrote on social media, “Lord please! If you have a boat please come get me & my family I’m trying to stay calm but the water is coming in at a fast rate.”

There were many similar calls for help.

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“This looks like a war zone,” Fox News’ Matt Finn said from Port Arthur. “We are witnessing people being rescued from their homes in bare feet, shivering, some people without clothes.”