Nina Skye: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


nina skye

Nina Skye. (Twitter)

Nina Skye, a kindergarten teacher at a Christian school in Los Angeles, California, was fired because she wouldn’t give up her side job as a porn star.

Skye had outed herself in an interview she gave to a local Fox affiliate in Los Angeles, in which she revealed that she still worked as a porn star while teaching preschool at a religious school.

She then lost the job.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Skye Says She Loves Both Teaching & Sex & Hoped to Do Both at Once

In the interview with Fox 11, Skye insisted she loved both of her jobs and hoped there was a way she could continue doing both of them.

“I love teaching. I love sex. If I can get away with doing both, then I will,” she told the television station.

2. Skye Was Fired After the Revelations

After she told the television station she was a porn star, the school fired her.

On June 13, Skye wrote on Twitter, “Got fired from a religious school just because I do porn smh 🤔”

She retweeted a friend’s comment that said, “You know what Jesus would do? Forgive you and not fire you. Hypocrites. We all still love You! 😙”

The name of the school was not revealed.

3. Skye Touts Being a Former Teacher on Social Media

Skye mentions her former occupation on her Twitter page profile. The page contains graphic pornographic photos of Skye.

“Ex religious preschool teacher turned sl*tty porn babe,” the page says. Much of the page is too graphic to share or repeat.

Even before she was fired, she was being called “America’s naughtiest teacher” on social media. One follower wrote on her Instagram page, “Im still confused on how u can teach kids and do porn. But hey. Making bank.”

4. The School Says Skye’s $2,500 Per Film Porn Career Went Against Its Values

According to UK Daily Mail, Skye makes $2,500 a film.

“They were really trying to pull me away from staying in the industry. They just really wanted me out. They offered help and advice, but I don’t really want out,” she said.

UK Daily Mail reports the school felt the porn career went against its values. “I guess some people are really tied by that moral code,” Skye told Fox 11.

5. She Says She Used to Flirt With Fathers at the School

In a father’s day message accompanied by a provocative video, Skye brought up the school, which was not named.

“Happy fathers day to all the daddies I use to flirt with when I was a teacher and then some 😙,” she wrote.

She also wrote, “I really think I’m the horniest girl alive at this point.”