NFL TV Ratings: Week 3 Expected to Be Up But Down for 2017


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NFL ratings are sliding for the 2017 season, but should be up for Week 3.

What you take away from the NFL ratings data depends on how you read it. CBS’S Dana McClintock reported the ratings for NFL Week 3 on CBS were up.

Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand reported the early ratings numbers are slightly down overall when compared to last year, but are expected to be up after the Monday Night Football matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals are factored in.

The increased curiosity over the national anthem has caused networks to see an uptick of 19 percent in pregame show ratings.

Trump has created increased intrigue over the NFL ratings after suggesting on Twitter that ratings were “way down” because of boring games and anthem demonstrations. Trump is correct that the ratings are down, but the specific reasons are being debated by ratings experts.

According to Variety, the 14.6 rating was down about 12 percent in the NFL’s opener between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. This should be cause for concern for the NFL given last year’s 16.5 rating was down from 2015’s 17.7 rating. The NFL ratings were down about 8 percent in 2016.

While it is still early, the NFL ratings are heading in the wrong direction over the last two years. Trump’s harsh words for the NFL could have the opposite impact of what he intended. Fans may begin tuning into games (at least at the beginning) to see how their favorite team responds during the national anthem.

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