NFL Power Rankings Week 3


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The Patriots have won two straight games after losing their opener to the Chiefs.

The 1972 Dolphins may be popping champagne sooner than expected this year. The Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons are the only undefeated teams remaining in the NFL.

While not undefeated, several 2-1 teams are moving their way up the rankings. The New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans all had a solid Week 3, pushing them up this week.

On the other end of the spectrum, five teams are still looking for their first win. The Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, San Diego Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals are all winless through three weeks of play.

The Seattle Seahawks win the award for the most disappointing team so far this season. While the Seahawks have lost to two good teams (Packers and Titans), it is the way they are losing that should be troublesome to Seattle fans. The Seahawks offense looks like one of the worst units in the league. The offensive line continues to be poor as Russell Wilson has spent much of the first three games running for his life.

We will continue to update our power rankings as games go final. Here is our latest NFL power rankings.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

1Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)1
2Atlanta Falcons  (2-0)2
3New England Patriots  (2-1)7
4Tennessee Titans  (2-1)13
5Green Bay Packers  (2-1)11
6Denver Broncos (2-1)3
7Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)5
8Washington Redskins (1-1)16
9Oakland Raiders  (2-0)4
10Detroit Lions (2-1)9
11Minnesota Vikings (2-1)17
12Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)15
13Dallas Cowboys (1-1)14
14Carolina Panthers (2-1)10
15Buffalo Bills (2-1)23
16L.A. Rams (2-1)18
17Tampa Bay Bucs (1-1)8
18Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1)21
19Baltimore Ravens (2-1)6
20Seattle Seahawks (1-2)12
21Arizona Cardinals (1-1)20
22Miami Dolphins (1-1)19
23Houston Texans (1-2)22
24New Orleans Saints (1-2)30
25Chicago Bears (1-2)29
26Indianapolis Colts (1-2)31
27New York Jets (1-2)32
28New York Giants (0-3)28
29Cleveland Browns (0-3)26
30San Francisco 49ers (0-3)27
31Cincinnati Bengals (0-3)25
32L.A. Chargers (0-3)24

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