NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Chiefs Set the Gold Standard


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The Chiefs ran away from the Patriots to kick off the season.

Very few teams go into Foxborough and end up victorious. The Chiefs did just that on a night that was meant to be a celebration of the Patriots Super Bowl victory. Kansas City not only defeated New England, but dominated for the majority of the game.

We base our rankings on what happens on the field, and not on pre-season projections. The Chiefs earned the top spot, but several others join them near the top.

It was not pretty, but the Packers survived a low-scoring affair against the Seahawks. The Cowboys were in control from start to finish against the Giants. The Ravens, Raiders and Panthers also looked impressive to start the season.

Heres a look at Heavy’s latest NFL power rankings. We will continue to update these after the Monday Night Football contests.

1Kansas City Chiefs
2Green Bay Packers
3Dallas Cowboys
4Oakland Raiders
5Baltimore Ravens
6Carolina Panthers
7Pittsburgh Steelers
8Atlanta Falcons
9New England Patriots
10L.A. Rams
11Philadelphia Eagles
12Detroit Lions
13Seattle Seahawks
14Buffalo Bills
15Minnesota Vikings
16Denver Broncos
17New Orleans Saints
18Tennessee Titans
19Cleveland Browns
20Chicago Bears