NBA 2K18: How to Get a Tattoo


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One of the biggest additions to NBA 2K18 is the new Neighborhood mode. This new mode serves as an extension of the MyCareer mode and it allows players to wander around and interact with other players in real time. This is the first time a mode like this has been available in the 2K series.

Once you first jump into the Neighborhood, you’ll see a lot of other players running around just like you. You might actually notice that most of the players, at least those just starting out, are wearing the exact same clothes as you. If you’re anything like us, you’re quickly looking for a way to stand out from this generic crowd. There’s a lot to do in this area and it can quickly become overwhelming, so let us help you learn where everything is.

If you’re looking to get a Tattoo, one of the first things you should be doing is raising your player’s overall. Unless you’re cool with getting a generic 2K tattoo, you will definitely be running into issues getting a nice looking tattoo. You can raise your player’s overall by playing some games in your season, grinding out Badge XP, or spending time in the gym. There’s a lot of ways to get a higher overall so you shouldn’t ever be all that bored while doing it.

Assuming you have a high enough overall, or you just want to know where to go, we’re now going to give directions to the tattoo shop. Like most buildings that you’ll be spending time in in the Neighborhood, the tattoo shop is on the same road. Coming out of your team’s practice facility, just go straight and hang a right on the road that has Foot Locker and the NBA Store on the corner. Stay on the right side of the road until you come across the tattoo sign, it’s kind of hard to miss. If you reach Doc’s Barber Shop then you’ve gone too far.

Chances are that your player’s rookie season will be pretty bare in terms of ink on his arm. However, by his sophomore and junior seasons, you might end up having a plethora of tattoos on your body. There’s a good variety of tattoos available so you should be able to find some that meet your liking.

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NBA 2K18 is out now for those who pre-ordered. If you didn’t pre-order a copy, you can look forward to the official release this Tuesday, September 19.