NBA 2K18: How to Become a Starter in MyCareer


2K Sports/Visual Concepts

NBA 2K18 is out now for everyone so now there’s no excuse to not be in the new installment of this storied basketball simulator. Many of the familiar modes make appearances such as MyGM, MyPlayer and MyCareer. We’re going to focus on the MyCareer portion of it for a second.

One of the first things you do when you load up NBA 2K18 for the first time is create a custom avatar that will represent you in the Neighborhood mode along with all the other modes with your MyPlayer. Once you do this, you will hop into the Neighborhood and be tasked with the goal of raising your overall rating to 99.

Along your path to 99,  you might want to become a starter on your NBA team so you can secure more VC and playing time from each game. More playing time means you’ll be getting more opportunities to do good things on the court.

With NBA 2K18, choosing your favorite team also means choosing what team you’ll be playing on with your character. Some good advice would be pick a position of need on whatever team you are going to. An example of this would be to choose any position if your favorite team is the Brooklyn Nets or a point guard if you’re a Bulls fan. At the end of the day, this may not have a huge impact on becoming a starter since I chose the Pistons as my favorite team and still found myself starting nine games into the season as a center, although Andre Drummond has been firmly entrenched as the starter.

Another way to secure a starting role would be to earn good teammate grades. This is especially easy to do as a big man. One thing I was able to do to pretty much guarantee an A+ every game was to set screens and grab every rebound. Playing on the Pro difficulty also helps matters a lot. Basically, no matter what position you play, make the most out of your minutes on the court.

If you’re playing on Pro, the game becomes a lot easier so you will have more opportunities to do good things. Don’t go around rapidly calling for the ball or putting up terrible shots and you’ll surely come home with a great teammate rating every game.

I’m not entirely sure if sounding arrogant towards your coach or teammates during interviews has any effect on whether you’ll start or not but I always tended to stay modest in my interviews. It’ll always be a matter of time before your player ends up starting, unless you’re just completely lost on the court. Like I said earlier, I found myself starting just nine games into the season. If you follow the tips laid out in this post, I imagine you’ll see yourself in a similar position with your player as well.