Narcos Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Cast & Trailer


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Pedro Pascal attends the “Narcos” Season 3 New York Screening at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater on August 21, 2017 in New York City.

Narcos Season 3 is now available for streaming on Netflix, but don’t expect to see drug lord Pablo Escobar in it.

“With Pablo Escobar no longer a factor, season three will focus on the rise of the Cali Cartel,” IndieWire reports. Boyd Holbrook, who played character Steve Murphy, isn’t in season 3, but Pedro Pascal is featured again as DEA Agent Javier Pena.

The popular Netflix series launched on Friday, September 1. “First they got the coke. Then they got the money. Now the Colombian cartels want the power. Let the drug wars begin,” the tease on Netflix reads.

Who’s in the cast? Season 3 will “explore the Colombian cocaine trafficking business in the wake of the death of Pablo Escobar. The Cali Cartel, led by four powerful godfathers, operates much differently than Escobar, preferring to bribe government officials and keep its violent actions out of the headlines,” according to Daily Variety.

There are some familiar, and some new, faces. “Pedro Pascal returns as DEA Agent Javier Peña, with this season also featuring Damian Alcazar, Francisco Denis, Alberto Ammann, Pepe Rapazote, Matias Varela, Michael Stahl-David, Matt Whelan, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Kerry Bishe, and Arturo Castro,” Daily Variety reports.

You can watch the Narcos Season 3 trailer here:

Plot spoiler ahead.

At the end of season two, Pablo Escobar was “bleeding out on a Colombian rooftop. It was the logical (and historically accurate) end to two seasons of drama and violence,” reports The New York Times.

Season three, sans Escobar, still has memorable characters in the drug underworld. “The show also earns points with a well-crafted quartet of kingpins – leader Gilberto (Damián Alcázar), his quietly more-evil brother Miguel (Francisco Denis), New York violence-wreaker Chepe (Pêpê Rapazote), and distribution madman, who’s also mad for men, Pacho (Alberto Ammann),” reports IGN.

Some reviews aren’t missing Pablo that much. “As it turns out, season three is far better than season two, even without the effortlessly amazing Wagner Moura playing the poster boy of cocaine,” reported FirstPost.

See an episode list for Season 3 here.

CNN also gave a positive review to Season 3, saying it “splendidly hit the reset button, with Pedro Pascal moving to the center and a quartet of Cali Cartel kingpins filling the void. Boyd Holbrook’s character has moved on, leaving Pascal, as DEA agent Javier Pena, to take over the narration chores.”

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The show is exclusively on Netflix, and it runs for 10 episodes.

People offered up generally positive comments on Narcos Season 3 on Twitter.