‘Monday Night Raw’: What’s Going on Between Kurt Angle and Corey Graves?


Tonight on Monday Night Raw, there was once again a mysterious segment between Corey Graves and Kurt Angle. So what exactly is going on with this storyline?

The plot here is intentionally set up as a mystery, and viewers are meant to be wondering what it is that Angle and Graves have been talking about. But here’s what we know: last week on Raw, Corey Graves suddenly left the commentary team after getting some sort of message on his phone, and he immediately went to see Kurt Angle. Later, we saw Angle reading something on Graves’ phone which said that Angle is a horrible general manager and a disgrace. Angle then said, “If this is true, it could ruin me.”

At first, a lot of people seemed to think that Corey Graves was showing Kurt Angle some comments Stephanie McMahon made about him, with the implication being that Corey Graves rushed to show Angle these comments out of concern that McMahon was about to fire Angle. However, the way the WWE later promoted this segment on their social media accounts, it sounded like the idea was that Corey Graves found out something scandalous about Kurt Angle, and so the comments he read were a reaction to that. The official WWE Twitter account posted during Raw last week, “.@WWEGraves seems to have found some scandalous information about @WWE #RAW General Manager @RealKurtAngle…”

Later, ahead of June 5th’s show, this is how the WWE.com official preview of the show set things up: “With Raw General Manager Kurt Angle preoccupied with the WWE Extreme Rules aftermath and the ongoing mystery behind the attacks on Enzo Amore, there’s still the lingering issue of the troubling information Corey Graves shared with The Olympic Hero last Monday night. What did Graves receive that could be damaging to the WWE Hall of Famer’s reputation? Will this controversy affect Angle’s judgment in the lead-up to WWE Great Balls of Fire on July 9”

On June 5th’s show, Kurt Angle was seen looking at his phone and saying, “This is driving me nuts,” with it being implied that he was looking at the same information as was shown to him last week. Later, he actually pulled Corey Graves off of commentary, and the two had a private conversation that we didn’t hear. Angle then left the building entirely, saying that he had to attend to a private matter and not going into any more detail.

At this point, then, there are only a few things we know for sure about this storyline: Corey Graves has uncovered some damaging information about Kurt Angle, and it seems to have sent Angle into damage control mode. What that information is is anyone’s guess, and we’ll likely learn more in the coming weeks.