Miss Texas 2017 Winner Margana Wood In Miss America 2018 Pageant


Miss Texas Margana Wood was one of the winners of the Lifestyle and Fitness segments during this week’s preliminary competitions for Miss America 2018. Her platform as a pageant winner is “You Belong”, which is to spread kindness and end bullying among students, according to KHOU.

Being from Texas, Wood’s friends and family have been greatly affected by Hurricane Harvey. FOX News reports her saying that:

My parents were helping out whenever they could before they went to Atlantic City … whether it was buying more backpacks for the students, or just helping remove furniture that had been flooded … Thankfully, my home in Houston was safe. We were in an extremely lucky pocket that wasn’t flooded. And I say lucky because six blocks around us, everything was flooded. So I had a lot of family and friends that were impacted by the flood.

She continued:

It was very important for me to let everyone know that my heart is still in Houston. I also didn’t want everyone to think that Miss Texas should win Miss America because of the storm. I want to become Miss America because the judges believe in me and believe I can do the job. Not because of a sympathy vote or anything.

Wood wants to be sure that she does not receive any sympathy votes and that she earns her spot in the Miss America 2018 competition.

On her Instagram account, Wood also wrote the following note to her fans and friends back in Texas:

While this is such a devastating tragedy in Houston I’m beyond proud of how my city has banded together, neighbor helping neighbor. Regardless of race, political preference, sexual orientation, in times of tragedy we are just human beings and we all belong. Although I’m in Atlantic City for the #MissAmerica Competition, my heart is in my hometown of Houston with all the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

According to Wood’s Instagram account, she has a boyfriend of three years named Cole Stevens and when she won the title of Miss Texas, he showed his support online, writing, “My girl is Miss Texas! I’m so proud of my incredible, beautiful best friend and can’t wait to see where this year takes her. She continues to make me look way cooler than I am.” Check out a photo of Stevens below.

Stevens is currently an officer in the U.S. Army.