Miss Louisiana Laryssa Bonacquisti, Miss America 2018 Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Miss Louisiana Laryssa Bonacquisti is one of the contestants in the 2018 Miss America Pageant and she was a winner during the preliminary competitions this past week. Let’s get to know the pageant winner a little better before the results of tonight’s Miss America competition are revealed.

1. Her Mother Is a Pageant Winner

Well, one thing is for sure. Pageants run in her blood. In fact, her mother, Lynette, was Miss New Jersey 1990. Today, Mom Lynette is an American Airlines Flight Attendant and she has two daughters, including Miss Louisiana.

2. Pancreatic Cancer Is Her Cause

“Team Charlotte: Fighting Pancreatic Cancer,” because her grandmother died from the disease earlier this year. Bonacquisti recalled the moment when her mother let her know that her grandma had cancer. She revealed:

Actually two days after Miss Louisiana last year was when my mom came forward and told me. She had found out two weeks before, but she held it back because she knew it wasn’t going to change, regardless of what happened, so she didn’t want to put that on me right before I went to Miss Louisiana.

In Bonacquisti’s Miss America bio, it states:

The day Laryssa’s mom informed her about her grandmother’s diagnosis, her world shook. However, her grandmother’s determination to fight lit a fire in her heart. Today, only 8 percent of pancreatic cancer patients live more than 5 years after diagnosis. Laryssa’s determination to become Miss America is driven by the knowledge that the title provides a greater voice, and with it, Laryssa plans to raise awareness, funds, and more importantly, advocate for research to create a diagnostic technique for this silent killer.

3. Ventriloquism Is Bonacquisti’s Talent

Bonacquisti’s talent for competitions is ventriloquism, which is something that she says helped her overcome her shyness as a child, according to The News Star.

Because of her ventriloquist skills, Boncquisti said she had the opportunity to open for America’s Got Talent winner, Terry Fator.

4. She Won Both Categories In the Preliminary Competitions This Week

Bonacquisti won for both the swimsuit competition and for talent this past week during the preliminary competitions. Other winners only won in one of the two categories this week.

The other winners this week for the swimsuit category were Miss Florida Sara Zeng and Miss Texas Margana Wood. And, for the talent winners, they included Miss Utah JessiKate Riley and Miss Minnesota Brianna Drevlow.

5. Bonacquisti Has Taken to Instagram to Thank Her Fans

On her road to Miss America, Bonacquisti has had a lot of support from friends and family, so she has chosen to thank them via her Instagram, writing the following message:

These past two weeks have absolutely taken my breath away in the most incredible way possible. I am honored to represent my beautiful state of Louisiana here as I compete for a job I’ve always dreamed about. Thank you all for your love and support & thank you to the Miss America Organization for providing young women like myself with the opportunity to participate in an organization that gives us the tools we need to succeed.

Bonacquisti has also posted photos of the fan mail she has received from fans.

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