‘Me, Myself & I’ Series Premiere: What Time & Channel Is It On Tonight?


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Bobby Moynihan as Alex in Me, Myself And I.

Saturday Night Live veteran Bobby Moynihan heads to CBS with his new sitcom, Me, Myself & I. The series is about a man named Alex, told through three different periods of his life. It premieres on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 9:30 p.m. ET. Read on for a preview of the show and a review.

Me, Myself & I was created by Dan Kopelman, who has worked as a writer on Malcolm in the Middle, Rules of Engagement and Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP.

The series is set in three very different time periods. In 1991, 14-year-old Alex (It star Jack Dylan Grazer) moves from Chicago to Los Angeles after his mom marries a pilot. In 2017, the 40-year-old Alex (Moynihan) is a successful inventor whose life crumbles after his wife cheats on him and tries to take their daughter Abby (Kelen Coleman) away. Then in 2042, 65-year-old Alex (John Larroquette) decides to retire after a minor heart attack and start a new life.

REVIEW: Should You Watch It? Yes, this is a pilot at least worth checking out. However, CBS only shared the pilot with critics so it’s hard to tell if this will develop into a good show. The main issue is that none of the three actors playing Alex look alike, but the writing of the character links them.

There are a few awkward moments throughout the show though. Middle-age Alex doesn’t gain inspiration from his mom Maggie (Mandell Maughan), who isn’t seen at all in the 2017 scenes. Instead, it’s his step-father Ron (Brian Unger), who makes it clear that Alex’s mother is still alive in 2017. There’s no attempt to build a strong mother-son relationship in the show.

In fact, female characters only exist in Alex’s world to tear him down. His mom rips him out of Chicago. His wife plans on taking his daughter. And his daughter Abby (Karen Coleman) tries to force him to eat healthy in 2042 (which is somehow bad). Another weird moment: 69-year-old John Larroquette is supposed to be 65, but 56-year-old Sharon Lawrence, who plays the older version of Alex’s school crush, is also supposed to be 65.

Perhaps the women in Alex’s life will become more well-rounded characters in the future. The jokes are decent and the actors are good. Plus, it’s nice to see CBS try again with a single-camera, laugh track-free comedy.

PREMIERE DATE: Monday, September 25, 2017

TIME: 9:30 p.m. ET

NOTE: Starting on Monday, October 30, Me, Myself & I will move to 9:00 p.m. ET.

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CHANNEL: CBS (To find out what channel CBS is for you, click here to go to TVGuide.com and click “change” next to “Provider.”)

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: “Pilot” – “The life of Alex Riley is chronicled over the course of five decades, when he is 14, 40 and 65, as the single-camera comedy begins.”

Bobby Moynihan as Alex Riley
Jack Dylan Grazer as Young Alex Riley
John Larroquette as Older Alex Riley
Brian Unger as Ron
Jaleel White as Darryl
Kelen Coleman as Abby
Skylar Gray as Young Abby
Christopher Paul Richards as Justin
Mandell Maughan as Maggie
Reylynn Caster as Nori Sterling
Sharon Lawrence as Older Nori Sterling
Ella Thomas as Jasmine

Created by Dan Kopelman
Executive Producers: Dan Kopelman, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor and Randall Einhorn

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