McGregor Takes Jab at Floyd Mayweather’s Training Video


Conor McGregorGetty

Conor McGregor

Both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr., posted videos of themselves training yesterday, in preparation for their August, 26 mega-fight.

McGregor’s training video:

Mayweather’s training video:

So far, Mayweather has been silent on McGregor’s video, but McGregor was quick to diss Mayweather after he posted the video. McGregor replied to Mayweather’s video, saying he was “in quicksand”, implying that Mayweather was slow.

This wasn’t the first time McGregor has taken to social media to smack-talk Mayweather. McGregor took a shot at Mayweather’s age, posting a picture of Mayweather’s father when announcing that the boxing match was officially on. McGregor is 28 and Mayweather is 40.

Other than the social media smack-talking, the most recent development in the fight is that the first city city on the Mayweather/McGregor World Tour has been announced. According to MMA Mania, London has been confirmed as a stop on the tour, but not Dublin.

MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn also shared the news:

No word on the other dates and stops of the world tour thus far, but MMA Mania predict that New York and Las Vegas will likely be included.

The boxing match is scheduled for August, 26 at the T-Mobile Arean in Las Vegas, NV. It will be a 12-round bout with 3-minute rounds. They will fight at 154 pounds with 10 ounce gloves.