McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for Sale on eBay: Here’s Where You Can Buy It



Szechuan sauce sold on eBay.

McDonald’s stores across the country ran out of Szechuan sauce quickly today, but that doesn’t mean your chances of getting the precious sauce are over. Many people are now selling it online, and right now it looks like your best options are on eBay. We haven’t been able to locate any on Amazon or Craigslist as of the time of publication. (And honestly, Craigslist probably isn’t your best option anyway. You’ll have better luck — and buyer protection — looking on eBay.) But if you want the sauce from eBay, you’ll have to pay a hefty price.

(Note: If you stood in line a long time or drove a long way to get McDonald’s Szechuan sauce but left disappointed, you may still have a chance to get something for your effort. McDonald’s is telling some customers to DM them on Twitter and they’ll try to make the disappointment up to them.)

Here’s who’s selling Szechuan sauce right now:

(Note: since sales can happen quickly, these may no longer be available for long. We’ll try to keep this updated as new sauces are available online.)


eBay seller GoodVibesOn1y is selling sauce packets for $850 apiece. Yes, we’re not kidding. You can Buy It Now for $850 or make an offer with the hope that you can get the cost down. The seller has 100 percent positive feedback, but only has a feedback score of 18 so far.

At the time of publication, they have two sauce packets available. But they started out with seven. It looks like five have already sold. However, those five weren’t sold for $850. The first five were sold for: $50, $70, $90, $150, and $150.

Since McDonald’s restaurants were only giving out one sauce packet per person, you do have to wonder how they got seven. Did seven people go as a group to buy the chicken tenders and now they’re splitting the profits?

If you think $850 is a little much, it looks like someone else already bought one for $250.


eBay seller rdro2481 was selling this sauce packet for $249.99 Buy It Now. (Yes, $249.99.) However, you could Make an Offer if you want to see if you can get that price down. This seller has 100 percent positive feedback for the last 12 months and a feedback score of 893. Looks like the item has already been bought by someone.

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