Marshadow Coming to Pokemon Sun & Moon Via GameStop Code


You can finally obtain the mythical pokemon Marshadow for Pokemon Sun and Moon via a code from GameStop.

Codes for the Pokemon will be distributed at GameStop stores from October 9 to 23, according to the official Pokemon website.

The Fighting/Ghost Pokemon was first announced on April 7 on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. According to the official website, the Marshadow you’ll receive will be at level 50 and comes with the moves Close Combat, Force Palm, Shadow Ball, and Spectral Thief. Spectral Thief is a move exclusive to Marshadow which steals the stat boosts of opponents while also doing damage. It also comes with the ability Technician which boosts the power of moves that have a power of 60 or less. Finally, it holds the Marshadium Z which allows it to use its Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-move.