Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Dev Answers Burning Questions


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The Nintendo Subreddit held an “Ask Me Anything” thread with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Creative Director Davide Soliani. In the thread, he answered a ton of burning questions about the game’s development, his inspirations as a developer, and even his preference between mashed potatoes or French fries (it was mashed potatoes).

First of all, Soliani said that he would be honored to make a sequel to the game. He also said that he’d love to do more Nintendo/Ubisoft crossovers.

When asked about DLC coming to the game, Soliani said that they cannot announce anything yet, but the content is coming out pretty soon and it will “contain a lot of love and surprises.” He did say that the first DLC will contain a lot of challenge matches. He said that DLC after that will contain “an interesting story that I hope will surprise you all.”

He said that the very first design prototypes for the game was made out of paper with some dice and a pen and paper. He said it was a challenge to make a tactical turn-based strategy game that looked like an action game with some “Mario Kart alchemy.”

He said that when they started developing the game, they had no information about the Switch at all. When they found out about the Switch, they were happy because it fit their vision and intention for the game.

When asked how they were able to mesh the Mario world with the Rabbids one without alienating either audience, he said that they kept iterating night and day until they found the right balance. He said that they discarded so many tests that he can’t really remember all of them. “Artists hated me,” he said.

The reporter asked if they had any restrictions from Nintendo when it came to using and representing the Mario brand in their game. He said that there were not really any restrictions because they have a very good relationship with Nintendo and they gained their trust. They did respect the iconic Nintendo poses and attitude.

As far as content that was cut from the game, Soliani said that they at one point were about to create a Rabbid version of a Whomp enemy from Super Mario. However they decided to remove it. They also cut out a “Rabbid Peach Sailor Mood transformation.”

The existence of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was leaked way ahead of its “surprise” reveal at E3 2017. When asked how the leaks affected the development process, Soliani said that while it was a big letdown for the team when the key art was leaked, he said they still reacted well to it and in fact used the moment to push forward. Since all of their ideas were already in place the leaks didn’t affect development.

When asked when he realized what his passion in life is, Soliani said that it was when he saw a kid playing with a Game Boy on public transportation. “He was having the time of his life,” he said. “And I imagined how cool could have been being the creator behind that game that made him laugh so hard.” One of the games that inspired him the most to enter the world of development was Super Mario World.

When asked about advice for new developers, he said to keep producing prototypes through the development process and keep asking people to try them. He also said to not be scared by critics.

You can check out more answers to burning questions by checking out the thread for yourself.

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