Manchester Missing: Loved Ones Share Photos After Attack


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olivia campbell

Olivia Campbell, missing in the Manchester attack. (Facebook)

Relatives and other loved ones have turned to social media to desperately seek information about people missing after the Manchester explosion.

It was an all too familiar site after a tragedy: The faces of young people, missing, plastered across social media.

Among those seeking a loved one: Charlotte Campbell, a mother, who went on CNN seeking information about her 15-year-old daughter, Olivia Campbell, who attended the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester with a friend, Adam Lawler. Neither had been seen since the blast erupted, killing 19 people and injured 59.

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Reports later emerged that Lawler had been found in the hospital, but Olivia was still missing hours after the explosion.

Authorities suspect a terrorist attack perpetrated by a suicide bomber whose body was recovered at the scene.

“It’s the most horrible feeling ever. To know that your daughter’s there, and you can’t find her, and you don’t know if she’s dead or alive,” Charlotte said, amidst tears. “I don’t know how people can do this to innocent children.”

A friend wrote on Facebook, “If any of Olivia Campbell friends hear from her please contact me or Charlotte Campbell she was at the concert in Manchester and we cant get in touch with her thanks.”

Another missing person whose photo circulated on social media: A young man named Martyn Hett. Loved ones put out his photo on Twitter.

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Martyn’s brother said he hadn’t contacted family since the concert.

Complete strangers repeatedly checked social media for updates on the missing people, hoping they would turn out to be OK.

Some used the hashtag #FindMartin.

Loved ones were also seeking Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry after the blast.

People shared photos of the pair on Twitter.

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Alaya Ryan was another young woman who was reported missing by loved ones on Twitter.

There was good news for some. The hashtag #HelpFindSophie was circulated on Twitter to find a missing girl with that name.

Then, the sighs of relief, as Sophie was located.

One Australian news site reported that “lost children were found sheltering at local homes and businesses after losing their mobile phones.” Unaccompanied children were also taken to a nearby Holiday Inn.

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