Manchester Ariana Grande Concert ‘Explosion’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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The outside of Manchester Arena. (PitBendicho)

Police there are “a number of confirmed fatalities” and injuries at the Manchester Arena in England after an “explosion” was reported during an Ariana Grande concert.

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“Emergency services are currently responding to reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena,” Greater Manchester Police said in a Facebook post.

It is not clear how many people were killed and wounded or what caused the injuries.

This story is still developing. Here is what we know so far:

1. Videos Showed Chaos as the Crowd Fled From the Arena

Videos showed panic inside and outside of the Manchester Arena after the explosion. People went running, witnesses said.

People also spilled into Victoria Station, which is located at the arena.

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2. Another Video Captured a Loud Blast Heard Outside the Arena

A video posted to Twitter claims to show the moment the explosion occurred.

The footage was recorded by a dashboard camera. After a few seconds a bright light can be seen near the building and a loud blast can be heard.

3. There Is a Large Police Presence Outside the Building & People Are Asked to Avoid the Area

A large police presence could be seen outside the arena.

“Please AVOID the area as first responders work tirelessly at the scene,” Greater manchester Police said.

4. The Arena is Located in Hunts Bank & Has a Capacity of 21,000 People

The arena is located in Hunts Bank, Manchester, immediately north of the center of the city, according to its website.

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The building was opened in 1995 and is one of the busiest indoor arenas in the world, hosting concerts and sporting events, including boxing and swimming.

5. Ariana Grande & Her Band Were Not Injured in the Incident, a Spokesman Says

Ariana Grande and her band were not injured in the incident, according to a post on Twitter by the Dangerous Woman Tour.

“BIA confirmed that Ariana along with her and the crew are okay. Our prayers are with the victims. #PrayForManchester.”

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